Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to season my GreenPan™?

We used to suggest that you season your pans, but experience has shown that this is not necessary. All you need to do is clean your pan before storing and use a little butter or oil before frying.

Do I need to use oil or butter for cooking or frying in my non-stick pan?

Yes, we recommend using a little oil or butter.  Because of the excellent heat conductivity of your pan and the Thermolon™ layer, food and oil can carbonize very rapidly. So always cook on low to medium heat and use only short high heat for searing or browning.

Can I use oil sprays?

It is better not to use oil sprays. Small spray droplets heat up very rapidly and are more easily carbonized on the non-stick surface. This will affect the non-stick performance of the pan.

Can I use metal utensils for cooking or frying in my non-stick pan?

No, we do not recommend the use of any metal utensils. Nylon and wooden utensils will help you to preserve your Thermolon™ non-stick surface.

Is GreenPan™ cookware suitable for induction?

All our stainless steel or multilayer ranges are suitable for induction. Also, several of our aluminium cookware ranges are induction suitable. Always check your product packaging to verify suitability for induction. More info is available on our product page.

I changed to an induction stovetop but I forgot if my GreenPan™ is suitable for induction..?

Induction stovetops work differently than traditional stovetops (gas, electric, halogen,...). They create a magnetic field which heats the cookware directly. The best way to test if your current cookware is induction compatible is to hold a magnet to the base. If it clings to it, it is induction ready!

Can I put my pan in the oven?

Yes, you can put your pan in the oven without any worries when it has stainless steel handles. If your pan has stainless steel handles with a silicone insert they are oven-safe up to 250°C. When your pan has Bakelite (mostly black-colored) handles they are only oven-safe up to 180°C. Lids in Stainless steel can be used without any worries as well, but glass lids are oven safe up to 220°C. Always check the packaging to make sure.

Is the GreenPan™ cookware dishwasher safe?

We recommend handwash: just wash it with a little soapy water and clean it with a soft dishcloth or sponge. The non-stick properties of all ceramic-type non-stick coatings slowly fade with repeated dishwasher use. 

How can I prevent food from sticking?

Thermolon™ is a better heat conductor than traditional non-stick coatings. We recommend that you cook on a lower heat setting than you would do with a traditional pan. This will prevent the food from burning.  After use, always clean the pan according to our Care & Use Instructions.

Is it true that the best frying and searing results are with a plain (without non-stick) frying pan?

Not anymore! GreenPan has revolutionized non-stick pans. The Thermolon™ non-stick is a ceramic coating, which conducts heat excellently, allowing you to sear and fry your food with a crisp and tasty result.

My interior surface is scratched; is this a problem?

Scratches, dents or pits in the Thermolon™ coating won’t affect the safety nor the performance of the pan.

Is it possible to store food in GreenPan™ non-stick cookware?

Go ahead! It is no problem at all. The Thermolon™ non-stick surface will give no reaction of any kind with food. 

How safe is Thermolon™ technology? Are there any chemicals used?

Technically even water or table salt are chemicals. Nothing can be made without use of chemicals of some description. What is important, is whether the chemicals are harmful or not. GreenPan product do not contain any chemicals harmful to your health and will never do so.

Does the Thermolon™ non-stick coating have aluminum in it?

There are no free atoms of the metal aluminum in Thermolon™. Aluminum is one of the basic elements that is combined with others to form compounds calledalumino-silicates (clays).